The Help My Retirement Team offers educational workshops that help federal employees with retirement planning. Securing your future retirement income takes careful planning. We are staffed with human resources experts that can explain any aspect of your benefits in detail. Knowing when you can retire and understanding your Federal retirement benefits are an important part of the retirement planning process. Whatever decisions are made today will impact your financial security.  One attractiv

Complimentary Income Analysis

We are The Help My Retirement Team, and offer comprehensive retirement planning for federal employees. We are here to demystify your federal benefits and give you the information you need to plan for retirement.  Richard Eller is our President and the Founder of Help My Retirement. He works with a team of Federal employee benefits experts that provide education and guidance concerning your financial future. Our goal is to educa

Your Benefit Profile

The Help My Retirement Team wants to empower Federal employees like yourself who are ready to plan for retirement.  We do this by offering educational programs that explain your benefits in detail, and clarify any points that will help you plan for your future. If you work for the Federal government, you are eligible for some of the best retirement benefits available. The Help My Retirement Group holds workshops, seminars, webinars and